Still Alive - Unchained Souls [NEW SINGLE]

Still Alive's new single, "Unchained Souls", from the forthcoming album "Kyo".

Music/Lyrics: Gil Vasconcelos / Walter Campos

Produced by Edu Falaschi (Angra/Almah)

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Adriano Daga & Brendan Duffey (at Norcal Studios)

Still Alive is:
Walter Campos - Vocals
Gil Vasconcelos - Guitars
Felipe Fantuzzi - Bass
Rodolfo Iriarte - Keyboards
Marcelo Moreira - Drums


They arrived
At the mountain of gold desires
Reciting in tongues of fire
Hail king sun

Bring the child
Prepare the rain of tears
Dry winds are coming near
The rite's begun

Open the gates
Freedom's the prize
To slaves of bloody fate
In sacrifice

Unchained souls
Wake up and go
The dead are flying free and
Coming home

Shred them all
Blood is a sacred seed
To soil beneath our knees
Feed the king

Rip their hearts
Spread them around the stones
Offer the crown of bones
And mystic hymns



The final trumpet call
The unborn child will be immortal one
The rotten hands of death
Now are the same that lead them through the dawn
They will shine beside the king



I see your burning flesh decay
Your soul released in sacrifice
Death is the road that leads to awe"

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